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Focal Point: Tim Hacker

An example of fine art by Tim Hacker

Photo of Tim Hacker
  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $150.00 - $4,800.00
    (This price range was estimated with limited info and may be inaccurate)

  • Main Website: http://www.timhackerfineart.com

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Artwork by Tim Hacker

Other Web Pages With Info About Tim Hacker

Tim Hacker's Main Artist Website

Art Galleries Representing Tim Hacker

Tim Hacker's Art Gallery
Bartlett, TN - 901-382-2622

Xanadu Art Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona - 480-368-9929


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Artists have the ability to see things in nature that others don't. That honest curiosity leads us to uncover many layers of reality we never knew were there. The artist with-in me leads me on a journey to discover that something "extra." Experience with me the emotions of excitement, joy, laughter, and playful fun in the world around us.


Dr. Tim Hacker is a resident of Bartlett, Tennessee, where he and his wife, Tammie, have lived for 35 years. Tim began studying art and painting while in high school. He is a Platinum Star member of the Memphis-Germantown Art League, serving as president from 2005-2007 and 2011-12. He is also a Signature member of the Mississipi Watercolor Society, Signature member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society, and member of the American Watercolor Society and Transparent Watercolor Society of America.

Tim's paintings have been shown nationally with many awards in these competitions as well as other National competitions. Tim frequently demonstrates his paintng techniques to various art societies and classes.

Artists have the ability to see things in nature that others don't. The artist with-in me see things that evoke an emotional response. Expression, mood and feeling, that something "extra" that you experience when you see something. I am trying to communicate that something "extra" so you can join me on that experiential journey.

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