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Focal Point: Sandra Maddox

An example of fine art by Sandra Maddox

Photo of Sandra Maddox
  • Year Born: 1939

  • Price Range: $75.00 - $3,000.00
    (This price range was estimated with limited info and may be inaccurate)

  • Main Website: http://SandraMaddoxArt.com

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Artwork by Sandra Maddox

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Sandra Maddox's Main Artist Website

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Hand painted basins and tank tops
, -

Hand painted china
, - 360-286-4434

Hand painted tile by Sandra
Lake Stevens, WA - 360-286-4434

Oil Paintings
, -


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Are you looking for some very unique hand painted art for your home or business? I will create that art for you, either on tile or in oils. I have been painting tile for 25 years and have shipped tile all over the world. Tile can be used in many different ways to create some very nice points of interest in your home or business. You are only limited by imagination as to what can be done with tile.

I work with china paints that are fired on the tile, thus the art is permanent on the tile. China paints are a low-fire overglaze paint, so that gives me the option of painting any tile that can be fired. China paints are transparent and applied in layers, firing between each painting. I can match colors quite easily because I can put color over color. I have metallic paints and can create some very interesting effects because I am not limited to how many times I fire the tile.

I paint wall art, murals for kitchens and baths, individual deco tile, house numbers, trivets, pet portraits, tile for wall handings, signs for indoor/outdoor use, bathtub surrounds, hot tub/swimming pool surrounds, tile for table tops, insets in furniture, jewelry box insets, and hand painted porcelain basins.

This gives you a brief over view of some of the many ways tile can be used to enhance your home or business.


I am a self-taught artist. I started with oil paints, but once I got my hands on china paints, I knew that I had found a medium to paint with that allows me to paint on porcelain, glass, and tile. I still do my oil painting, so I can offer many different types of artwork. Working with china paints is a very fine art that gives me the option of painting murals or deco tile for tile installations, wall art and house numbers. I also paint pieces of fine china. I can work with any type of glass or tile that can be fired as china paints are a low fire paint, this allows me to paint the same tile that you are using for your tile installation. Some artists can only use certain tile made by one company because of the paints that they use. I paint china basins and have painted the tank top for toilets as another means of adding design to bathrooms. I work with my clients and together we decide what they would like to have in their home. I have used photos from trips that gave my clients a chance to create memories of happy times, portraits of pets and many other subjects, painted house numbers, outdoor/indoor signs, favorite animals, birds, flowers.......the choice is always yours. I can match fabric, wallpaper, or discontinued tile art. I will paint one piece of tile or a complete wall mural or tub surround. No job is too large or too small. All of my work is guaranteed and my work is not finished until you are satisfied with the artwork I have painted for you.

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