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Focal Point: Kris Parins

An example of fine art by Kris Parins

Photo of Kris Parins
  • Year Born: 1948

  • American Artist Watercolor featured Kris Parins on the cover of the Spring 2012 issue with a 10-page interview inside.

  • Kris Parins painting was on the cover of Watercolor Artist magazine in December 2011, and was chosen for the 2010 "Ones to Watch" article.

  • Her work receives national recognition and is in many public and private collections.

  • Price Range: $225.00 - $2,700.00

  • Main Website: http://KrisParins.com

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The Artist Says:

My hope is to communicate the excitement I feel about my subject, and about the joy of working in the vibrant and often surprising medium of transparent watercolor.

I often draw inspiration from nature, and more recently street scenes, taking photographs during my travels. An integral part of my process is creating painting references from my photos on the computer. The results are images that are more powerful, abstract, and personal to me.

Artwork by Kris Parins

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Kris Parins's Main Artist Website

Art Galleries Representing Kris Parins

Artwork Unlimited, Cheryl Dewing Art Consultant
, WI - 920-989-2891

Wisconsin Arts Gallery
Green Bay, WI - 920-465-6611


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American Artist Watercolor

Spring 2012

watercolor on paper

21" w x 29" h


When Kris Parins became a painter, it changed the way she sees things every day. Now, she says, "A road trip can be as inspiring as a visit to an art museum."

Kris works primarily in watercolor because she is energized by the randomness and spontaneity it provides. Her subject matter varies greatly, from landscapes to architecture to figures, but her inspiration usually comes from the strong contrasts created by sunlight.

Through her art she strives to communicate her joy of experience, both of observation and of creation. "When I succeed, the person who views one of my paintings will see a small part of the world in a new light," Kris explains.

After a career as an art director and account executive in the graphic design field, Kris has devoted her creative energy to fine art. Her background in design gave her a head start in using her computer and digital camera as tools for planning and analyzing her artwork.

In the past few years she has enjoyed teaching watercolor workshops and finds the time spent with students to be a mutual opportunity to share enthusiasm, energy, and inspiration. She maintains studios in northern Wisconsin and in Sarasota, Florida.

Kris' award-winning paintings have been included in solo, invitational, and juried national exhibitions and are in corporate and private collections. Her work is on the cover of the Spring 2012 issue of American Artist Watercolor, on the cover of Watercolor Artist Dec. 2011, in Splash 9 and 14, as well as various other publications. She has earned signature status in FSW, SW, WyWS, and FSWS.

To see more of her work, visit her web site at www.krisparins.com .

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