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Focal Point: Karen Martin

An example of fine art by Karen Martin

Photo of Karen Martin

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Artwork by Karen Martin

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As far back as she can remember, Karen Martin has been fascinated by the human form and the soul within. She is keenly attuned to the grace and character inherent in every human being, and since young childhood has endeavored to develop the necessary skills to accurately depict this intangible quality in her art.

A native of Ohio, Karen earned her BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art. After years working in Graphic Design and Illustration, she has chosen to devote her attention full time to what has always captivated her—portraiture and the figure.

With an insightful approach, Karen strives to achieve both, an accurate representation of the subject's physical characteristics as well as the essential "spirit" of the individual.

Karen is a member of the Portrait Society of America and the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists.

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