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Focal Point: Bill Farnsworth

An example of fine art by Bill Farnsworth

Photo of Bill Farnsworth
Sensitive and full of human emotion, the heartfelt work of Farnsworth takes us to inner depths.
- Informed Collector

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The Artist Says:

My goal with my art is to paint what I love and evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

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Artwork by Bill Farnsworth

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Other Web Pages With Info About Bill Farnsworth

Bill Farnsworth's Main Artist Website

Art Galleries Representing Bill Farnsworth

Dabbert Gallery
Sarasota, Fl. - 941-955-1315

Edward Dare Gallery
Charleston, South Carolina - 843-853-5002

JM Stringer Gallery of Fine Art
Vero Beach, Florida - 772-231-3901

Mountain Mist Gallery
Cashiers, NC - 828-743-1801

The Hughes Gallery
Boca Grande, Fl. - 941-964-4273

The Sandpiper gallery
Sullivans Island, South Carolina - 843-883-0200

Tree's Place
Orleans, Ma. - 508-255-1330


Click Here to go to the website for artist Bill Farnsworth

" Moments in life pass us by all the time and if we can capture the great ones honestly in paint and canvas then maybe it will make our lives better."

Bill Farnsworth


As a 1980 graduate of The Ringling School of Art and Design, Bill Farnsworth has spent more than 34 years as an Illustrator and Fine Artist.

Born in Norwalk Connecticut in 1958, Bill spent most of his life in New Milford Connecticut painting landscapes of the rural area, while supporting himself and family with his growing illustration career.

Farnsworth is a Signature member of The Oil Painters of America, American Society of Marine Artist's, and NOAPS. His paintings have appeared in many National shows, Museums, and private collections throughout the United States.

A nationally known illustrator, Bill has seamlessly moved into the Fine Art field where he has garnered awards of excellence from the Oil Painters of America's National and Regional shows.

He won first place in the Fifth Biennial National Show in Punta Gorda Fl., and a Bronze Medal in The 2013 OPA Summer Salon.

Fine Art Views say "Sensitive and full of human emotion, the heartfelt work of Farnsworth takes us to inner depths."

"My goal with my work is to paint what I love and convey that honestly so the viewer can feel that as well".

His work is represented by The Hughes Gallery, Tree's Place, JM Stringer Gallery,

The Edward Dare Gallery, Sand Piper Gallery, and Mountain Mist Gallery.

Bill currently lives in Venice, Fl. with his wife Debbie.

Upcoming Events and Exhibits

Saut De La Foi
The Hughes Gallery
Reception: (March 9th 12noon-5pm and March 10th 4pm-9pm)

Upcoming Workshops

Backyard Workshop(350)
Bill's backyard

This workshop will be a 3 day oil painting workshop. Students will be painting from life in Bill Farnsworth's beautiful backyard. Every morning Bill will paint a 1 hour demo and talk about the importance of painting from life. Students will be served lunch as well as kick back later in front of Bill's outdoor fireplace. This is a fun workshop for all levels and students will come away with an understanding of the core principals of painting.

Bill Farnsworth(bill@billfarnsworth.com)

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