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Focal Point: Christopher Copeland

An example of fine art by Christopher Copeland

Photo of Christopher Copeland
Landscapes that capture the essence of nature in all it's glory. Copeland's true talent for expressing atmosphere in each soulful scene brings to mind that of a beautifully performed aria.
- Informed Collector

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Artwork by Christopher Copeland

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Groveland Gallery
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 612-377-7800


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Working from direct observation, my artistic vision begins with nature. My inspirations draw from the

interaction of the elements from outdoors, under the prevailing light conditions. Setting up my easel before the landscape allows me to transcribe the atmospheric conditions and quality of light to best express my vision.

What I'm after is to capture an essence of the place, to absorb it, so as to evoke upon the viewer of the finished painting a remembered and emotional sensation, a sense of season, time and place. The captivation with the landscape has been the main focus of my work. I favor a landscape free of human presence, a presence implied, not visible. I seek a subjective interpretation of nature, a painting of subtle connotations that strike a balance between abstraction and representation.

Compositionally, the painting is to be constructed in a matter that balances an arrangement of the elements and forms I find in nature, while transforming the design into a unified spacing of geometric shapes. The components of light, space and form become interacting principles to the composition. My preoccupation with the drawing lies not in the literal associations, but in pictorial possibilities. It is in the implied sense of the subject I try to convey, not ones forced or direct.

With this more aesthetic tonal approach, I seek to record a nature of poetic, contemplative moods. Nature's transient moments, a landscape bathed in and atmosphere of light, shadow and tonal color.

The process of making my art begins out doors, plein air style. These renderings eventually bear more complex thought in the confines of the studio to precede those paintings into larger, finished work.

I routinely create a series of paintings with a similar motif. Typically these are of a scene or place I have painted many times. These sequences of paintings depict varied light and weather conditions. I work in this method to convey a timeless quality of the scene.

Of my inspirations to produce new work, is to draw upon the influence of the masters of landscape painters from the 19th century. I have continued to be compelled by the works of Monet, Homer, and Hopper. I find a connection, a kindred spirit with these painters that provide a stimulus and parallels for my purpose and career as an artist.

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